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The person who invented breakfast pizza was a genius, amirite? According to my resume, I worked as a food service supervisor at Bloomsburg University, Bloomsburg PA, from February 1991 to September 1996. I was first hired by the Wood Company, in their brand new pizza shop called “Itza … Continue reading

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Zimpeach Lemonade by Marietta John FI

Lemonade has always been a part of my family and in my refrigerator. I began making lemonade when my kids were young and thirsty and I felt uncomfortable giving them drinks that contained artificial flavor and colors. I never bought … Continue reading

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Hello, My Name is Marietta and I am a Food Inventor.

Hi my name is Marietta John and I am a food inventor. You may have never met a food inventor before, many people haven’t so don’t feel bad. I have had a life-long interest in preparing unique and delicious food … Continue reading

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