The History of bucketcake

I was preparing a gigantic, four layer cake for a family party. I used tons of homemade cream cheese frosting between layers of yellow cake stacking them high, one atop the next. I had just slid the top layer into place and was smoothing the sides of the cake with frosting when I noticed the top two layers were moving, yes sliding away from their initial position. As I began to gently push the layers back into place, they decided to try to slip away on the opposite side of the cake. Not a problem for me as I have beaten down and whooped a few cakes in my day. I had the dexterity and quick reflexes to jump around to that side of the cake and with my spatula to slide the top of the cake back into place mirroring the same force, speed and direction as the sliding cake. For several minutes I franticly slathered frosting on all sides of the cake in an attempt to save my creation. I jammed chop sticks into the cake, penetrating all the layers in an attempt to stop the top layers from sliding off…

Alas, the top layer began to break and slide off in several directions at once. I watched as it gently and slowly fell apart right before my eyes.

I felt I could fashion the bottom layers into a fine cake, but what to do with all the cake and frosting that opted to leave this project? It didn’t deserve to be trashed.

“I guess I’ll scoop it up and put it in this empty ice cream pail sitting on my sink.”

I had to gently compress the cake into the plastic pail so it would fit. I covered it with the snap-on lid and picked it up by the handle. Into the freezer it went for another day.

When my husband came home I told him I made a bucket cake. When I retrieved it from the freezer I was delighted to find frozen scoopable cake.

2 Responses to The History of bucketcake

  1. Marietta says:

    this web site is crazy

  2. phattwebz says:

    This isn’t the website this is the blog.

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