Zimpeach Lemonade by Marietta John FI

Lemonade has always been a part of my family and in my refrigerator. I began making lemonade when my kids were young and thirsty and I felt uncomfortable giving them drinks that contained artificial flavor and colors.
I never bought drink mixes to hydrate humans; however you can use them to dye clothing. Once I dyed a white summer dress with sugar-free lemon drink mix. It was a sleeveless Swiss Dot dress with a peter pan collar and it came out a lovely creamy yellow color.
There is always lemonade in my house and there is a lemonade spoon that is only used for stirring lemonade and everybody knows about it. Stir the lemonade; rinse the spoon under cold running water and after shaking it off, place it sideways across the utensil crock to dry. You may think I am kind of fussy, well I am. Another rule in my kitchen is no hand washing at my kitchen sink; I don’t care who you are.
Thirty years ago I found a great ratio of water, lemon and sugar that makes the nicest lemonade. I found it even better after reaming one large orange into it. Later on I started using fresh strawberries or peach nectar.
I named it Zimpeach Lemonade and Zimstrawberry. Zim Original had the orange in it. I referred to it as “fruited lemonade”. It was a big hit everywhere I took it, so I thought I should bottle and sell it right away.
I hooked up with my local Small Business Development Center and began to search out caps and bottles and bought a label printer. I needed a way to fill the bottles in my kitchen… This was my first idea, a food grade 55-gallon poly tank with a cone bottom and valve. The lid and carbon steel stand with wheels was sold separately. Then I came across and purchased a used three-bay, 15-gallon Jet Spray machine. I could fill the bottles from the spigot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am definitely the only person I know who owns a Jet Spray. When people come to my house for a summer picnic and see the Jet Spray machine, they think we are rich.
I researched stainless steel semi automatic In-Line filling machines. They sent me a CD of their $15,000 equipment filling 1,000 containers per hour. I could not stop watching this. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.
There were laboratory samplings for acidity and nutritional information, Department of Environment standards for UV lights and water filtrations systems, Township zoning, marketing, research and consumer targeting, negotiate and purchasing, co-packers and bargaining…
I had no idea it was this much work, putting lemonade in bottles. People weren’t getting back to me and I started to slack off. The times I spent on my venture got further and further apart. Finally I lost my enthusiasm and passion and the ball dropped out of my hands.
Don’t let this happen to your well-thought-out idea. I was floored when I saw “flavored” lemonades start to appear in restaurants and stores.
There is nothing new under the sun. If you have a good idea, do not stop promoting it and brainstorming new ways to get it out to the public.
Find encouraging help from local organizations that assist entrepreneurs get their ideas off the ground. Google Resources to Assist Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners …Join an inventor’s club or the local Chamber of Commerce. Do not drop the ball or it will fall into another’s lap…this is a fact.
I think eating raisins will wipe out heartburn. If any of you try this and it works please let me know. Thank you so much.
Marietta John FI

About bucketcake

A convenient dessert, bucketcake is a ready-to-eat frozen scoopable cake in an easy-carry bucket. Our cakes are layered and gently compressed so that every bite you take contains a fast of cake - filling and frosting. No longer do you have to pick on cake slices for the parts you want. bucketcake can be enjoyed frozen or thawed but our personal favorite is to eat it fresh out of the freezer.
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