Hello, My Name is Marietta and I am a Food Inventor.

Hi my name is Marietta John and I am a food inventor. You may have never met a food inventor before, many people haven’t so don’t feel bad. I have had a life-long interest in preparing unique and delicious food items. I have found that it’s not just the ingredients that make a dish unique, but the process as well.  I love to cook and at times I would lie awake at night thinking about mixing certain foods together and picturing what the outcome would be. What the flavor, texture, aroma and caramelized colors of the dish would be like. I would even think about the delight on the faces of those tasting it for the first time…

A favorite pastime for my family is to have a pizza party. No we didn’t wait for the doorbell to ring; we each made our own individual personal pizza. Everyone has to throw their own dough and assemble their own pizza using the many bowls of common and not-so-common pizza toppings laid out in bowls on the table. By the end of the night, we also threw a couple of bags of cornmeal around the kitchen!

One night I thought about putting hummus, which I always made from scratch, on the dough instead of sauce. What goes with hummus I thought, well feta cheese does. This is looking Greek to me, so let’s toss some sliced Kalamata olives on the hummus. Never dice olives; they’ll look like chocolate chips and visually ruin your dish. Wait…I’m seeing drained and slightly chopped marinated artichoke hearts, a sprinkling of olive oil and sesame seeds. Last but not least, some fresh herbs atop my new creation.

I wrote it down and sent the recipe to Better Homes and Gardens Magazine for a contest. I never physically made this pizza but thought to myself, they have a test kitchen, I didn’t.

I wasn’t the lucky winner of the new kitchen but they bought my recipe for $200 and published it in the September 1999 issue.  They slightly changed the recipe and sent a copy to me on an index card and a BH&G letterhead, which I promptly matted and framed. It looks as if I still own the original recipe!


Don’t forget a family recipe can also be an original and it’s not just the ingredients, it’s the process too. So give it some thought and contact one of the over 2 million “recipe contests for money” listed on a Google search. This is easycash, and not as bloody as a Red Cross donation.

Next I will write about a new creamy delicious and easy to make frosting recipe I invented just the other day.

Marietta Montuori John FI

Picture Credited to Michelle Meiklejohn

About bucketcake

A convenient dessert, bucketcake is a ready-to-eat frozen scoopable cake in an easy-carry bucket. Our cakes are layered and gently compressed so that every bite you take contains a fast of cake - filling and frosting. No longer do you have to pick on cake slices for the parts you want. bucketcake can be enjoyed frozen or thawed but our personal favorite is to eat it fresh out of the freezer.
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